something about APPLE here: I am APPLE fans and like their products. By open this blog, I am not trying to BIAS toward APPLE company. Some of the fact below supported my decision. They introduced the computer MOUSE to the world. They changed the way we look at SMART Phone. They boosted up the use of 3G network. They were the first to use USB port as the main connection for computer system. They were the one who able to make a media centre to sync with every devices in your family. They made thing that work magically simple for us. Everything above and more to come... APPLE

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The copycatS

Android just launched a framework to auto update it fragmented OS platform which allow special privilege to install update. That is something that a open source system is doing? Open source mean you can have anything you wanted which is not going to be control by others. This is against itself. Nice try google. 
And to be honest... Steve job's vision is coming true when close system is the best system. Look at the world right now. Google got Motorola. Microsoft got Nokia. Android is having an own smartphone. Microsoft launched it own tablet. Can you see the trend? Can you feel that it is similar to apple Eco system? To have everything just work out of the box. 
You can say I am bias but I am not a hobbyist which allow people to use my system not the way I want it to. When you create something. You want people to use it the way you want them to be to maximum the productivity. That is the key. 
As more and more close system is forming. I would love to see how Samsung and others PC company survive. They are getting lesser and lesser from the pie. The only work around is to lower down the price but it will hurt their profit. 

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