something about APPLE here: I am APPLE fans and like their products. By open this blog, I am not trying to BIAS toward APPLE company. Some of the fact below supported my decision. They introduced the computer MOUSE to the world. They changed the way we look at SMART Phone. They boosted up the use of 3G network. They were the first to use USB port as the main connection for computer system. They were the one who able to make a media centre to sync with every devices in your family. They made thing that work magically simple for us. Everything above and more to come... APPLE

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Advertisement can be evil

Speaking of it and looking around people around me who is having Samsung phone. I notice that S brand people like to criticize and making some unreasonable compare. They like to say something that "the iPhone is no different. Why change". But did they ask themselves what has been changed ever since smart phone with a big screen? 

Advertisement really can affect people till this state. And I am glad that apple is making "classy" ad still. That make us not to talk much of argue much about the product that we are using. Apple people will just keep quiet and defense when necessary. But S brand like to attack first. This is the trend and it will never end till the S brand stop their stupid ad. 
Anyway, to the business point of view. S brand won and I will have to see how long can this carry on. Till 100% of people using their phone? Time will tell

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