something about APPLE here: I am APPLE fans and like their products. By open this blog, I am not trying to BIAS toward APPLE company. Some of the fact below supported my decision. They introduced the computer MOUSE to the world. They changed the way we look at SMART Phone. They boosted up the use of 3G network. They were the first to use USB port as the main connection for computer system. They were the one who able to make a media centre to sync with every devices in your family. They made thing that work magically simple for us. Everything above and more to come... APPLE

Monday, July 15, 2013

Airport extreme 2013 version

This is the easiest ever Wireless router I setup before. It even think of iOS owner which didn't required any Personal Computer to be turn on in order to set this baby up. I am glad that the software development is still going strong in APPLE. And Steve did a good job to inherited this kind of "user first" experience to APPLE!

Setting Up AirPort Extreme Using an iOS device
You’ll need:
 An iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
 iOS 6.1 or later
Check Settings on your iOS device for the latest version of iOS.
To set it up:
1 Tap Settings on the Home screen, then tap Wi-Fi.
2 Tap the name of your AirPort Extreme.
3 Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new network or extend an existing network. 

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