something about APPLE here: I am APPLE fans and like their products. By open this blog, I am not trying to BIAS toward APPLE company. Some of the fact below supported my decision. They introduced the computer MOUSE to the world. They changed the way we look at SMART Phone. They boosted up the use of 3G network. They were the first to use USB port as the main connection for computer system. They were the one who able to make a media centre to sync with every devices in your family. They made thing that work magically simple for us. Everything above and more to come... APPLE

Monday, May 7, 2012


This is the project that I am working on. Which is able to resize your picture to fit into Instagram.

When you have a portrait picture which took from your camera and wanted to put in Instagram. And you found out that the size cannot be fit. Either it show the top or the bottom. You will need instaChum to help you. Easy to use application and direct you straight into Instagram once you finished resizing.

This is the ICON

User Interface

Instagram not able to fit in the whole picture 

After Adjustment... NICE

New color coding has been inserted into it. Will update it this few days to app store

This is how it look like for the new interface

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