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Monday, January 10, 2011

4 quicktime player on one screen

Today I am going to share this DIY project which feature 4 different Movies play on the same screen in different position so that can view it all in one shot.

First of all, position the screen to 4 different corner and grab the full properties of the screen by using the code below

tell application "QuickTime Player" to get the bounds of the first window

You will get a code something like this {0, 22, 660, 394} -- "full properties"

Grab the result and paste on the script below to fulfill the need of the code

set qtMovie1 to "Location of Movie 1"
set qtMovie2 to "Location of Movie 2"
set qtMovie3 to "Location of Movie 3"
set qtMovie4 to "Location of Movie 4"
tell application "QuickTime Player"

open qtMovie1

set the bounds of the front window to {"
full properties of Movie 1"}

open qtMovie2

set the bounds of the front window to {full properties of Movie 2}

open qtMovie3

set the bounds of the front window to {full properties of Movie 3}

open qtMovie4

set the bounds of the front window to {full properties of Movie 4}

-- if you wanted to play all, add in the below code
play documents

end tell

They were kind of lag on my almost 3 years old MacBook. But I am able to multi movie in 1 go... Greedy man

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